Victor Sych is a virtuoso percussionist, who is justly called a ‘one-man band’. His preference, though, lies with marimba and vibraphone.


He tours extensively performing in recitals in Russia and beyond (including in Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan), often performing with symphony and chamber orchestras. He has worked with many outstanding contemporary conductors including Evgeny Kolobov, Eri Klas, Fabio Mastrangelo, Boris Tevlin, Evgeny Bushkov and Boris Pevzner.


Victor frequently participates in international music festivals. His remarkable playing has enabled him to acquire a repertoire diversifying in styles and genres ranging from classical music to jazz. However, his priority is for contemporary Russian music, including Shchedrin, Bronner, Podgaits and Sergeeva.


Victor graduated from the Gnessins Academy of Music with a degree in percussion. He won First Prize at the International competition The Composer of the XXI century (Russia, 2014) and First Prize at the All-Russia competition of brass and percussion players (Russia, 1992). Since 1992, he has been a Principal timpanist of the Novaya Opera orchestra. Since 2005, Victor has been teaching at the Gnessins Academy of Music.

He has made numerous adaptations and arrangements for percussion.